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In the early 2000s The Arts Council devised a set of colour-coded categories defining people’s engagement with the arts. These categories, called art segmentation, have great titles that include Traditional Culture Vulture, Time Poor Dreamers and A Quiet Pint With the Match. I loved the titles so much that I had them made into sew-on patches; Which one are you?  

Also here are my Military Medal Ribbons Blankets. Each medal ribbon has been greatly enlarged and re-created out of strips of coloured ribbon and then appliquéd onto a woollen blanket. The blanket's colour is chosen to match the traditional colours of the military or to suggest a particular campaign (for example, the sand-coloured blanket for medals awarded in the first Iraq war). Each blanket comes folded into it own wooden box with a lift-off lid. Inside, on the base of the box, the code to the medals is set out.