I have called this series of works relics. Relics are the fragmentary remains of something, objects that carry the memory of a valued event, action or person of importance. They are the lasting poignant memento that tells the tale. These objects or pictures may have sacred or religious meaning, conveying a strong sense of passion to the viewer.

I see a correlation between supporting sports and religious belief. Following a ‘team’ is a projection of hope, it requires faith that is often separate from facts and reality; it requires devotion. Supporters of a particular team can form a congregation of like-minded believers and may show fanaticism. Icons of saints and images of great sportsmen and women are meant to be inspirational and profound. They are about capturing a dramatic moment for posterity. They affirm the belief of the faithful. The power of the passion felt by a football fan, horseracing pundit or golf fanatic is both frightening and wonderful. Creating art also has an element of spirituality and drive.