Here is a swan’s tour of my home studio. The room has changed a little since this film was made, but what shows clearly is the clutter of images and materials I collect and squirrel away in an eclectic system until they are needed. 

I am interested in everything. Its use or reference may not be immediately obvious, but in selecting, shuffling and putting one thing with another thing it takes on a new lease of life as part of a piece of my art work. Luckily, most of the time I remember what I’ve got and can put my hands on it quite quickly, if not then the search always turns up other oddities of interest.

I find it hard to throw stuff away, so although I have had occasional culls, some of the items in this room have been stored and moved with over a long period of time. Always there is regret over the thing that one finally chucks away as the perfect use dawns on one the moment it’s gone.