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I call the pieces of writing found here Essays. The dictionary description of an essay is an attempt at something and a short non-fiction prose piece. There is no general theme or a coherence of subject matter in these pieces of writing, not even consistency of voice. I mumble and have dis-clarity of thought. In my head thoughts, disjuncture, sub-clauses, tangents and mis-comprehensions compete and clamour for attention and make writing strangely painful. Dyslexia and muddled train of thought make it hard for me to write. I worry about my written word and the mistakes I can make, but sometimes this is the best way to express an idea, think something through or mark the completion of a project. Writing can also bring me great satisfaction and wrestling with words can ultimately bring resolution to an idea.

Notice Board and Flag Pole Project

Fri 15th Mar 2024

My friend and fellow artist Kate Genever has been running a Notice Board and Flag Pole project in the village of Uffington, Lincolnshire since 2019. The rolling monthly exhibitions at the Notice Board and Flag Pole are themed around the quizzical exclamation ‘The Lands of the Free!’ This is a provocation to react, condemn and fight against injustices, corruption, oppression, traitorous words and deeds. Kate invited me to curate the Notice Board and Flag Pole for six months, I have invited the following artists to contribute:

February-March = Kate Buckley & Joana Cifre-Cerda 

March-April = me - Soraya Smithson

April-May = Anna Reading 

May-June = Esther Wilson 

June-July = Naomi Frears

July-August = Elspeth Owen

The displays will be changed on the 15th of each month.

Noticeboard and Flagpole address:

79 Main Road 



Lincolnshire PE9 4SN

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Response to a Brief - Sense of Place site-specific exhibition

Sat 30th Sep 2023

Taking inspiration from the boxed lime trees at Willoughby and the topiary hedging and decorative porcelain at Grimsthorpe Castle Soraya Smithson has made a number of ceramic pieces, from frivolous ornaments to crockery serveware. Soraya believes that objet d’art imbue a place with a sense of occupation, and the more curious the item the more powerful its evocation of the past and suggestion of stories.

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