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Sat 16th Nov 2019

Strictly Come Printing - PrintDance:

PrintDance is a series of maps that show the movement of five printmakers working in five different print processes; etching, letterpress, lino, lithography and screen-printing. The maps record the interaction between the printmakers and the equipment at Leicester Print Workshop (LPW). 

Each map tracks a different printmaker from preparation to completion of a print. Recording their route around the studio from the paper draw, to processing room, to inking area to press to drying rack. Every print process has a specific area in the LPW studio where the presses, materials and inking up spaces are concentrated. However there are also shared areas, crossing routes, and overlapping processes and presses. By using clear Perspex for the maps these interlocking movements can be seen. 

PrintDance is a celebration of the diversity of means and manners of printmaking. Each PrintDance map reflects the performance of an individual print artist moving through LPW as they make their own work. 

PrintDance has been a collaborative effort. Many thanks go to filmmaker Keith Allott and LPW printmakers Kate Fortune-Jones, Katy Goodrich, Sat Kalsi, Sue Kenton-Baker and Sarah Kirby.