I have called this series of works relics. Relics are the fragmentary remains of something, objects that carry the memory of a valued event, action or person of importance. They are the lasting poignant memento that tells the tale. These objects or pictures may have sacred or religious meaning, conveying a strong sense of passion to the viewer.

I see a correlation between supporting sports and religious belief. Following a ‘team’ is a projection of hope, it requires faith that is often separate from facts and reality; it requires devotion. Supporters of a particular team can form  a congregation of like-minded believers and may show fanaticism. Icons of saints and images of great sportsmen and women are meant to be inspirational and profound. They are about capturing a dramatic moment for posterity. They affirm the belief of the faithful. The power of the passion felt by a football fan, horseracing pundit or golf fanatic is both frightening and wonderful. Creating art also has an element of spirituality and drive.

My starting point for this series is sports photographs from Newspapers. Colour photographs in newspapers appear  like jewels to me. They are startling blocks of vivid colour amongst the grey words. The sharp, digital definition of these pictures compresses the information; action is made static, the colour is enhanced and the photographer’s absolute focus can make abstract both the subject and the surrounding shapes and forms.

I am not so interested in what these pictures show, more their composition. My selection of which photographs to use is immediate, as I flick though the sports pages. I make paintings and reduction lino prints from these photographs exactly the same size as they appear in the newspaper.

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Passing Of A Legend
Shadow Play
Inside Out
Tiger Woods Hits His Approach Shot
Refusing To Be Hurried
Fakenham Yesterday
Huntingdon Yesterday
A Pleasant Trunk Route
Three Lengths At Lingham
White Turf
White Turf - Paisley Jockey Jackets
White Turf - Gold Jockey Jackets
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