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Something Underfoot.

6th November 2014

After being away from the Leicester Print Workshop for most of the summer September was an intense period of work. I was in the workshop on all three of the open access days, planning, cutting and...
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Starting over again.

9th May 2014

2014 started badly. Returning to Leicester Print Workshop after the Christmas break I discovered the Boschabets I had been working on before the festive season were failures. A single mis-alignment...
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Dressing up as Edith Sitwell

18th December 2013

In the New Year I will parcel up and post off my eleventh, and final, year’s worth of scrapbook diaries to my website designer. I started keeping these diaries in 2002. Initially I used a...
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My Boschabet

1st October 2013

It’s been a busy summer. Alongside the job in Copenhagen I have been printing the letters, O.T & V of an animal Boschabet. This autumn’s big exhibition at Compton Verney Art...
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Danish Pastries

23rd September 2013

This summer I’ve had the joy of a job in the city of Copenhagen. My architect friends Ricardo Flores & Eva Prats from Barcelona had been given the opportunity to do an exhibition about...
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The story of the cat book continues.

22nd January 2013

The limited edition, hand-printed ‘Night School for Cats’ is completed. In fact Serena Smith and I finished off all the printing, including the cover, back on the 5th November. So much...
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